About George Bryson

The Calvary Chapel Theology website intends to fairly and accurately reflect and represent the theological and doctrinal views of Pastor Chuck Smith and the majority of Calvary Chapel pastors. This site also intends to reflect and represent the theological and doctrinal views of a very large number of what I refer to as non-Reformed Orthodox Evangelicals. It also makes available (without cost) two books (The Five Points of Calvinism-Weighed and Found Wanting and The Dark Side of Calvinism-The Calvinist Caste System) on Calvinism published by the two publishing arms of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa (The Word For Today and Calvary Chapel Publishing). The foreword to The Dark Side of Calvinism was written by pastor Chuck. This site is also being used to introduce and promote the book GRACE: Godís Riches At Christís Expense, the purpose of which is to provide a positive alternative to the Reformed or Calvinist doctrines of grace-which are anything but gracious or biblical. In an earlier unpublished version it was titled Salvation Made Simple.

The reason the topic of Calvinism is so prominent on this site is because at the present time it represents the number one threat and challenge (doctrinally speaking) to the pastors of the Calvary Chapel movement. The title GRACE is used as shorthand for the biblical doctrines of grace. This site will also include articles and commentary on other theological challenges to the Calvary Chapel movement as well as other ministries, churches and associations of churches that represent the greater Orthodox Evangelical community.

When a Calvary Chapel pastor (such as Bob Coy, Skip Heitzig, Ray Bentley etc.) writes on a topic important to other Calvary Chapel pastors, many other Calvary Chapel pastors will likely agree with what is written in the book and on the topic of the book. Nevertheless, these Calvary authors do not necessarily or even typically write as the "official" representative of CC Costa. Even so, when I write on a topic, I assume and even hope that most Calvary Chapel pastors will (for the most part) already agree with me or will after reading what I have written. My hope and prayer is to both reflect and affect what we (as a movement) believe. Still, I do not pretend to be the only voice of Calvary Chapel on theology in general or on Calvinism in particular. God's holy and infallible word is our only infallible guide for both doctrine and practice. Of course, I would like to help the pastors (especially younger pastors) and people of Calvary Chapel avoid certain doctrinal and practical pitfalls, such as are found in neo-liberalism, neo-legalism and neo-fatalism. For that I do not apologize.

Concerning the topics of neo-liberalism, neo-legalism and neo-fatalism, Pastor Chuck and many (if not most) Calvary Chapel pastors have (in a lot ways) made it clear that they do not subscribe to these doctrinal and practical errors. Neo-liberalism is found in some of what is called the Emerging church movement. Neo-legalism is promoted through ministries like The Way of The Master. Neo-fatalism (otherwise known as theistic or theological fatalism) is championed through various kinds of Calvinism.